Berkey Water Filter

How Does Berkey Water Filter Work?



Berkey water filter is today’s leading name when it comes to water filter. This is a result of years of delivering its promises to the consumers. These water filters are affordable, economical, durable and the most important trait of Berkey water filter is its reliability. You can rely on it to provide you and your family water that is safe for consumption


Queen Victoria of England experienced an increasing health concern regarding the dangers of drinking water in 1835. Typhoid and cholera at that time were common and caused high fatality rate.


Royal Doulton was commissioned to make water filter using clay and earth materials that will have the capabilities of removing whatever may be causing those diseases at that time. This lead to the discovery of ceramic water filters popularly known as Doulton water filter. This filter was the first filter in history to use gravity and is made of stoneware. Queen Victoria was so impressed with the filter that she gave each Royal Crest a unit.


Louis Pasteur found out about tiny organisms that are not visible to the naked eyes. These organisms coexist with us and can be both an enemy and a friend. These were later called bacteria, protozoans, and virus and are still being studied as more powerful aids are being invented. Henry Doulton introduced carbon water filter that immediately become the filter of choice for laboratories, hospitals and residents of Middle East and parts of Africa. Doulton filter proves to be efficient in removing common pathogenic or disease causing microorganisms.


Doulton Company continues to improve and modify its water filters. Gravity water filters both gained popularity and trust in over 40 countries. It is registered under the name British Berkefeld. In the past few decades the water filter made by British Berkefeld were used by different organizations in activities where clean water is needed but hard to acquire. UNICEF, Red Cross, and Peace Corps are among the long list of international organizations that use the water filter to save lives.


New Millennium Concepts partnered with British Berkefeld in 1998 for the distribution of water filters in the USA. This led to the distribution of the most powerful gravity filter element known as Black Berkey purification element. These were repeatedly tested against pathogens and other harmful substance. The results are impressively remarkable. It set the standard for water purification.


They did not stop there as new technology is still being advanced, refined and improved to provide the best filtration and purification system possible. Testing and monitoring are constantly done by specialists, engineers, researchers and doctors to maintain and ensure quality. The Berkey water filter that we have today is the product of brilliant minds and dedicated individuals with a purpose of making water safe for drinking.


Berkey filters use an advanced filter called Black Berkey Filter Elements. It is a very uniquely powerful filter that set good standards in the water filter industry. Different test indicate that it is capable of removing as much as 99.99% of harmful microorganisms found in water.


Black Berkey elements uniquely combines the old process of using microspore to filter water and modern technology for its filter element that can not only stop bacteria and other microorganisms from passing through but to also kill them.


There a lot of options available in the market and competition are very tough that improvements must be constantly delivered. Berkey passed all the test and certifications given by the government and public sector. A high customer satisfaction rating will also tell you that indeed it does what it claims to do.


The need of drinking clean water is now a high priority due to high demands and less potable source of it. Berkey water filter is the best solution to this need. It’s made of stainless steel and is very portable. You can easily take it to a place where water source is available but not yet potable.


It promises to remove microorganisms that can make us sick like bacteria and viruses. It will also remove dangerous products and metals like lead, iron, chlorine and fluorine. It does not need electricity to function and so you can highly rely on it during emergencies and camping trips.


It is very easy to use. You just need to pour water on one side and let it go through the system. After pouring water, you do not need to do anything else than to watch it clean the water for you in just a few minutes.


Honestly, no one will volunteer to track and check 3000 gallons of water. One of the more fun experiments do to explain in letting people know that Berkey Water Filters does work is by using red food coloring. The coloring was mixed with water and the solution was allowed to pass through Berkey’s filter system. Micro pores, as the name suggest, is very small. It is so small that germs and red food coloring will not be unable to pass. The benefit of it ,is the smaller the pores the higher is the efficiency for it to filter. The downside however is, it takes longer for water to pass through.

You can help make the purification process go faster by applying pressure. Applying water pressure will make the process move faster. This can be done by direct contact from faucet straight to the filter or by pouring water towards the filter from an elevated area.


Another option available is for you to prime the purification element by pressing the priming button. This is best suited if you plan to go to areas without water pressure. It is not recommended if water pressure is available because it can lessen the efficiency of filtration.


There are numerous reviews and testimonies available to understand and make sure that Berkey is a reliable water filter. You can also directly get in touch with them as they offer great support if you want to know more regarding their product on how it works and how you can order.