Is Rainwater still Potable today?

Rainwater is deemed to be potable by Australian scientists from the research conducted in Australia in year 2009. In that particular research, they used several respondents as a sample who were asked to drink rainwater constantly. They figured that there was only few incidents of negative reaction to rainwater and so the study concluded with a recommendation that rainwater is an alternative for drinking in case of emergency and shortage.

drinking rainwater

What about the acid rain?


Rainwater contains contaminants like mercury but that amount is too low to consider a threat for human health when drinking just a glass of it. However, the problem can be serious when you sole depend on rainwater for your day-to-day drinking.


With and average pH level of 5.3, rainwater is often classified as acidic because of the influence of carbon dioxide to water while on the air. Although rainwater’s acidic level varies on location, it is very important to determine from where you are gathering it from. You should avoid drinking rainwater when you are getting it within the 10-mile diameter range from an active volcano.


Why rainwater is safe to drink?


Because rainwater is the only water coming from the sky, it is undergoing a natural process before it showers us. Sometimes, it is more pure than those coming out from your faucet because it is not flowing from somewhere. However, you should consider, at all times, when deciding to use rainwater, the atmospheric location from where it’s dropping. Rainwater can pick-up contaminants while on its way down to you. Never drink rainwater when you are collecting it near hot radioactive sites and chemical plants. In addition, observe the way how you gather rainwater as you definitely do not want to water that has run off the roof and other unsanitary object where it flows through.




Although there was a study that has proven the potability of rainwater, it is still important to make it safer by either of the following steps:


  1. Keep the rainwater on a clean stainless or class container and put it still for until unwanted water elements sink at the bottom of its container.
  2. Boil the water on a high degree for 5 minutes to remove bacteria
  3. Use water filtration process – any form.


The status of our climate is ever changing and we can never tell when we are going to have a shortage of water. It is important to know some other sources for safe water for drinking to make to have other options before it completely runs out from the faucet.

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