Pesticides as Water Contaminant

Pesticides as Water Contaminant

Pesticides are chemicals used to control or kill pests. In agricultural terms, it includes insecticides (insects, fungi), rodenticides (rodents or poisonous vertebrate), nematocides (nematodes) and herbicides (weeds). Since the 1950’s, pesticides transformed were used. Pesticides have its advantages and disadvantages, like a very serious loss of biodiversity and prey-predator relationship. It also has significance on human health consequences.


The Impact of Water on Pesticide

  • Impurities that exist as pollutants in the active ingredient
  • Dynamic ingredient in the pesticide formulation
  • Activities that are mixed with other active ingredients like diluents or solvents, wetting agent, adhesives, extenders, preservations, emulsifiers and buffers
  • Degradation that was formed during microbial, photochemical or microbial degradation of the active ingredient

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